3 Accessories To Look For In Your Next Fishing Boat

Posted on: 13 May 2017

If you are in the market for a new fishing boat, here are three accessories that you should look for that will enhance your fishing experience and time on the water. 

#1 Anchor System

Pulling up an anchor from the bottom of the lake by hand can take a lot of energy and it can stress out your back. Save your energy and your back with an anchor system on your new boat. The anchor system should be mounted on the side of your boat, and it should allow you to reel in the anchor with a pulley system and secure the anchor in place once you reel it in. This simple addition to your boat will make it easier for you to put your anchor door, real it in and secure it when you are out on the lake fishing.  

#2 GPS & Fishfinder

The second thing that you need is a combination GPS and fish finder. This two-in-one device will allow you to chart and figure out exactly where you are at on the water. It will allow you to successfully navigate around large lakes, and it will allow you to save your favorite fishing spots so you can go back to the same spot again and again. The fish finder element of the unit is basically a sonar device that will allow you to see if fish are nearby and also see the underwater geography of the lake as well. It's a high-tech way to improve your fishing experience and learn more about the waters that you are fishing in. 

#3 Personal Marine Cooler

Third, when you are out on the water and snag a fish, you are going to want to keep it cool while you are fishing until you can get it back to shore and take care of the fish. You don't want the fish to heat up and spoil while you are out on the water. If you have two coolers, you can use the second cooler to keep your own food and drinks chills, which can be really nice, especially when you like to spend the entire day out on the water. A marine cooler generally also comes with tie-downs on the cooler so you can more easily secure the cooler to you boat and keep everything in place and safe. 

When shopping for a new fishing boat, be sure to think about the little accessories and features that will make your fishing and boating experience more enjoyable. 

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