What Equipment Do You Need For A Safe Motorcycle Ride?

Posted on: 28 June 2017

Aside from a fully serviced motorcycle, your gear is the best thing you can have to protect yourself while enjoying a traditionally risky sport. These are the pieces of gear that matter the most to a safe ride. 


As far as helmets go, full helmets best protect your face during an accident and even during a ride, when pieces of flying debris could get in your eyes or scratch your face. Options for open-face helmets can certainly be more comfortable since they offer better ventilation, but make sure that you have the option of a secure covering for your face. A passenger helmet will be a great investment as well; try a medium-sized helmet if you aren't sure what kinds of passengers you might bring along on the ride. 

Riding Pants

Motorcycle riding pants serve a few purposes. They will help you out greatly in an accident; if you are likely to roll or skid on the ground during a fall, you could get badly scraped up without thick pants to cover your legs. There is also the chance that the motorcycle itself will scratch you or fall on your leg, and you'll be more protected if you are wearing motorcycle riding pants. Burns can be prevented with thick pants, too. Besides that, riding pants provide comfort for the daily ride. It will get colder than you think since you're exposed to winds at high speeds. Riding pants provide insulation and warmth.


A jacket has many of the same benefits as riding pants. It leaves less skin exposed, provides warmth, and acts as a buffer to injury. It's also a great way to express your personality as a rider, with many different color schemes and decals to display your affinity for your riding group.


Gloves serve a special purpose for riders. They let you retain finger dexterity in challenging conditions. If you drive long distances, your hands will get tired and you will lose some grip strength. The gloves provide a bit more traction so that you retain your grip. Another thing to consider is how you might lose some finger movement and control when your hands are cold. Gloves provide more insulation for your hands to keep them at a good operating temperature throughout your ride. Visit your local motorcycle gear store so that they can help you pick out equipment that's appropriate for your motorcycle.

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Planning Fun, Safe Family Activities

When you have a large family, it isn't always easy to plan activities that are as safe as they are fun. Going skiing or hiking together might make it hard to keep track of the younger kids, while boring activities might tempt the older children to try new, dangerous stunts. However, if you understand how to plan safe activities, you might be able to keep everyone healthy while they have a great time. Motor sports can be an exhilarating and exciting activity, if you know how to dress and avoid injury. Check out these helpful tips that might keep your family in good shape.