Christmas Weddings: Options For A Custom Wedding Carriage Design

Posted on: 5 September 2017

Getting married around Christmas offers a number of different options, including the ability to truly wed your loved one in a winter wonderland. Planning a Christmas wedding comes with a lot of different elements, including the ability to mix Christmas decorations along with wedding decorations. If you're looking for an outdoor way to celebrate your wedding and Christmas, then consider a custom wedding carriage. Wedding carriages have been used for centuries and can provide you with an elegant way to arrive, depart, and celebrate your wedding. Learning about the different custom designs on wedding carriages can help you select the best options for your holiday-themed wedding.

Wedding Carriage Base Design

The first step in choosing a custom wedding carriage is selecting the base design shape. An enclosed carriage can keep you protected from outdoor elements, which may be a good thing around December if you live in a snowy and cold area. A open carriage can include a number of different design features including an elegant wood base and sides.

To stick with the Christmas theme, you may also seek to order an orb-shaped carriage. These designs can look like a number of Christmas themes including an ornament or snowball. The base design that you select will ultimately be what everything else is built around during your wedding. If you are unsure of what to pick, then a carriage company like ntc drift trikes can provide you with different options and a design gallery.

Christmas Lights

Nothing is more festive around the holiday season than Christmas lights. When choosing a carriage design, it can have elements on it that are ideal for stringing Christmas lights on. The lights can be strung and attached to a hidden power source built into the carriage. In the winter, the sun sets a lot earlier, making a lot of wedding entrances or exits darker. The Christmas lights can add a glowing touch that stays with the theme of the wedding and adds a fun design element. You can select from a number color options for the lights as well. This includes a solid color like white or a mix of holiday colors like red and green. If you have specific wedding colors, they can also be chosen for the holiday lights. The lights are not only a great design element, but they are also a great backdrop for wedding pictures.

Built-In Speakers

Really enhance the way your carriage ride goes with the installation of built-in speakers. Speakers are great for your wedding carriage ride because they can be used for a variety of reasons. Your wedding song can play through the speakers as you ride through the carriage. For a Christmas-themed wedding, you have the ability to play a number of different songs through the speakers. The speakers can be built into the carriage so that they are not seen and the carriage still has an elegant look to it.If the speakers have Bluetooth technology, then they can connect to all types of devices like phones or tablets.

Custom Color Options

Along with the custom frame design, you can chose a color scheme for your carriage. Traditionally, carriages are mostly all white. This fits in with a winter and Christmas theme, but there are a number of other color options can consider. You can choose Christmas colors like red and green. These colors can be the main highlight of the carriage or used for accent parts. For example, you could have an all-white carriage and then accessorize it with red or green wheel spokes.

A custom wedding carriage maker can help you with the whole design process. It can start with a full estimate and then progress to design and construction stages.


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